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Gardening & garden hat, tools, decoration, lighting and lantern clothing

ORDER by INTERNET: The prices are Off Taxes and All Taxes (VAT = + 20%) + the minimum participation logistical costs and transportation 5€79 HT / 6€95 TTC for France mainland and Corsica Monaco. For the country U. E Boundary 15€00 HT / 18€00 TTC: Germany, Andorra, England, Belgium, Spain, Holland, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal. Other countries and DOM-TOM click QUOTE end of your order. PAYMENT: Secure (the program 3D e-secure Caisse d'Epargne) card Banking (CB - VISA- MASTERCARD) by transfer or check. For Options: cons - repayment term Postal cash, to please first obtain our approval at Takeaways: Order and click takeaway (removal costs Logistics and transport) and get your package to our Headquarters in St-Marc sur mer (44).

    Product Name-   Prix   Buy Now   Weight 
 Wooden wand 50cm for lantern   Wooden wand 50cm for lantern

Quantity1+2+ 6+ 24+ 
Price for each HT0.78EUR0.62EUR0.54EUR0.45EUR
Price for each TTC0.94EUR0.74EUR0.65EUR0.54EUR
Your savings- 21%31%42%
From 0.45EUR  HT 
From 0.54EUR  TTC
Buy Now   0.0200 
 Wooden lantern 15cm assorted colors with glass insert   Wooden lantern 15cm assorted colors with glass insert

Quantity1+2+ 6+ 12+ 
Price for each HT5.69EUR4.55EUR3.93EUR3.29EUR
Price for each TTC6.83EUR5.46EUR4.72EUR3.95EUR
Your savings- 20%31%42%
From 3.29EUR  HT 
From 3.95EUR  TTC
Buy Now   0.1850 
 Wood birdhouse Sperling 26 x 19cm   Wood birdhouse Sperling 26 x 19cm

Quantity1+2+ 6+ 12+ 
Price for each HT12.50EUR9.99EUR8.63EUR7.25EUR
Price for each TTC15.00EUR11.99EUR10.36EUR8.70EUR
Your savings- 20%31%42%
From 7.25EUR  HT 
From 8.70EUR  TTC
 Windsock shape ladybug 90cm   Windsock shape ladybug 90cm

Quantity1+2+ 6+ 12+ 72+ 
Price for each HT1.50EUR1.23EUR1.14EUR1.00EUR0.65EUR
Price for each TTC1.80EUR1.48EUR1.37EUR1.19EUR0.78EUR
Your savings- 18%24%34%57%
From 0.65EUR  HT 
From 0.78EUR  TTC
Buy Now   0.0750 
 Windmill XL sunflower 75cm assorted colors   Windmill XL sunflower 75cm assorted colors

Quantity1+2+ 6+ 12+ 
Price for each HT5.08EUR4.06EUR3.49EUR2.93EUR
Price for each TTC6.10EUR4.87EUR4.19EUR3.52EUR
Your savings- 20%31%42%
From 2.93EUR  HT 
From 3.52EUR  TTC
Buy Now   0.0750 
 Windmill propeller PVC Ø 17cm   Windmill propeller PVC Ø 17cm

Quantity1+2+ 6+ 40+ 
Price for each HT2.05EUR1.64EUR1.41EUR1.15EUR
Price for each TTC2.46EUR1.97EUR1.69EUR1.38EUR
Your savings- 20%31%44%
From 1.15EUR  HT 
From 1.38EUR  TTC
Buy Now   0.0450 
 Windmill helical PVC 29cm assorted colors   Windmill helical PVC 29cm assorted colors

Quantity1+2+ 12+ 48+ 
Price for each HT0.34EUR0.27EUR0.23EUR0.20EUR
Price for each TTC0.40EUR0.32EUR0.28EUR0.23EUR
Your savings- 20%31%42%
From 0.20EUR  HT 
From 0.23EUR  TTC
Buy Now   0.0150 
 Whole grilled barbecue 5 pieces   Whole grilled barbecue 5 pieces

Quantity1+2+ 5+ 10+ 20+ 
Price for each HT ____ 10.90EUR  5.45EUR 5.45EUR5.45EUR5.45EUR5.45EUR
Price for each TTC ____ 13.08EUR  6.54EUR 6.54EUR6.54EUR6.54EUR6.54EUR
Your savings50%50%50%50%50%
From 5.45EUR  HT 
From 6.54EUR  TTC
Buy Now   0.5500 
 White funeral candle with lid 11cm   White funeral candle with lid 11cm

Quantity1+2+ 20+ 40+ 
Price for each HT0.91EUR0.73EUR0.63EUR0.53EUR
Price for each TTC1.09EUR0.88EUR0.76EUR0.64EUR
Your savings- 20%31%42%
From 0.53EUR  HT 
From 0.64EUR  TTC
Buy Now   0.0950 
 White cylindrical lantern 24cm   White cylindrical lantern 24cm

Quantity1+4+ 12+ 24+ 48+ 
Price for each HT0.89EUR0.74EUR0.68EUR0.60EUR0.53EUR
Price for each TTC1.07EUR0.89EUR0.82EUR0.71EUR0.64EUR
Your savings- 17%24%33%40%
From 0.53EUR  HT 
From 0.64EUR  TTC
Buy Now   0.0350 
 Whetstone and sharpen 23cm   Whetstone and sharpen 23cm

Quantity1+2+ 6+ 24+ 
Price for each HT1.55EUR1.24EUR1.07EUR0.90EUR
Price for each TTC1.86EUR1.49EUR1.28EUR1.07EUR
Your savings- 20%31%42%
From 0.90EUR  HT 
From 1.07EUR  TTC
Buy Now   0.1200 
 Wax torch 60cm   Wax torch 60cm

Quantity1+2+ 5+ 10+ 
Price for each HT3.99EUR3.19EUR2.75EUR2.31EUR
Price for each TTC4.79EUR3.83EUR3.30EUR2.77EUR
Your savings- 20%31%42%
From 2.31EUR  HT 
From 2.77EUR  TTC
Buy Now   0.1800 
 Waterproof Flashlight "Powerlight" 5W assorted colors 9cm   Waterproof Flashlight "Powerlight" 5W assorted colors 9cm

Quantity1+2+ 12+ 48+ 
Price for each HT2.15EUR1.72EUR1.48EUR1.25EUR
Price for each TTC2.58EUR2.06EUR1.78EUR1.50EUR
Your savings- 20%31%42%
From 1.25EUR  HT 
From 1.50EUR  TTC
Buy Now   0.0400 
 Wasp Trap PVC 13cm   Wasp Trap PVC 13cm

Quantity1+2+ 6+ 12+ 
Price for each HT1.21EUR0.97EUR0.83EUR0.70EUR
Price for each TTC1.45EUR1.16EUR1.00EUR0.84EUR
Your savings- 20%31%42%
From 0.70EUR  HT 
From 0.84EUR  TTC
Buy Now   0.0650 
 Wasp trap PVC 12cm black   Wasp trap PVC 12cm black

Quantity1+2+ 6+ 24+ 
Price for each HT1.79EUR1.43EUR1.23EUR1.04EUR
Price for each TTC2.15EUR1.72EUR1.48EUR1.25EUR
Your savings- 20%31%42%
From 1.04EUR  HT 
From 1.25EUR  TTC
Buy Now   0.0500 
 Wasp trap + 2 covers   Wasp trap + 2 covers

Quantity1+2+ 6+ 12+ 
Price for each HT1.08EUR0.86EUR0.74EUR0.62EUR
Price for each TTC1.29EUR1.03EUR0.89EUR0.74EUR
Your savings- 20%31%42%
From 0.62EUR  HT 
From 0.74EUR  TTC
Buy Now   0.0500 
 Wall mounted light LED motion detector 16cm black   Wall mounted light LED motion detector 16cm black

Quantity1+2+ 4+ 10+ 
Price for each HT10.34EUR8.27EUR7.13EUR5.99EUR
Price for each TTC12.41EUR9.92EUR8.56EUR7.19EUR
Your savings- 20%31%42%
From 5.99EUR  HT 
From 7.19EUR  TTC
Buy Now   0.3500 
 Visor colorless glass protection   Visor colorless glass protection

Quantity1+2+ 6+ 24+ 
Price for each HT2.35EUR1.89EUR1.63EUR1.36EUR
Price for each TTC2.82EUR2.27EUR1.96EUR1.63EUR
Your savings- 20%31%42%
From 1.36EUR  HT 
From 1.63EUR  TTC
Buy Now   0.0600 
 Tunnel 2 tents for children 3m35 purple   Tunnel 2 tents for children 3m35 purple

Quantity1+2+ 4+ 6+ 
Price for each HT51.99EUR41.59EUR35.87EUR30.15EUR
Price for each TTC62.39EUR49.91EUR43.04EUR36.18EUR
Your savings- 20%31%42%
From 30.15EUR  HT 
From 36.18EUR  TTC
Buy Now   1.7000 
 Trigger sprayer 300ml assorted colors   Trigger sprayer 300ml assorted colors

Quantity1+2+ 6+ 50+ 
Price for each HT1.08EUR0.86EUR0.74EUR0.61EUR
Price for each TTC1.29EUR1.03EUR0.89EUR0.73EUR
Your savings- 20%31%43%
From 0.61EUR  HT 
From 0.73EUR  TTC
Buy Now   0.0500 
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Slime paste barrel Unicorn Poop 10.5cm
Slime paste barrel Unicorn Poop 10.5cm

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Porsche Cayenne Turbo RC 1:14 assorted colors
Porsche Cayenne Turbo RC 1:14 assorted colors
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01.Windmill helical PVC 29cm assorted colors
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